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Ghostwriting & Book Publishing for Thought Leaders

Our parent company, BLOOMING TWIG, is an an award-winning boutique publishing house, media company, and thought leadership marketing agency. Based in New York City and Tulsa, we have represented and re-branded hundreds of thought leaders, published more than 400 titles in all genres, and built up a like-minded following for authors, speakers, trainers, and organizations with our bleeding-edge marketing strategies.

We will help you with

Optimal Structure

Based on your unique Intellectual Property, your precise target demographic, and your literary preferences, we craft a structure around your identity.

Gap Analysis

What is standing in the way between you and a bestselling book? We do a thorough gap analysis based on your Intellectual Property Assets, and with your target demographic in mind.


From award-winning design to a thorough, industry-first, three-stage editing process, we have the experience to take your content from idea to bestselling book, guaranteed.


Uncovering and targeting the content, branding, and marketing of your book to the demographic that will activate a return on the investment of your time, money, and Intellectual Property.

Asset Audit

Where is the starting line for our work together? What kind of Intellectual Property have you already developed: writing, napkin notes, speeches, presentations, workshops.

Content Creation

We make sure that your content will be written in your voice, but outside the box. We will be your new live-in editor, ghostwriter, book coach; whatever best fits your workflow.

Books We’ve Published

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What’s Included


We want to make your book goes beyond book shelves and has a lasting impact on your career and on people’s lives. We work on your business strategy to make sure your book acts as an amplifier of everything else you do.

Positioning and Branding

Our branding and marketing experts will work with you to position and brand your book in a way that appeals to your target audience, triggers your call to action, and maximizes your impact and ROI.


The Interview Method

Our proprietary interview method will make you just uncomfortable enough to get all of your best ideas out on paper. Interviews are recorded and transcribed to make sure all of your intellectual property is accessible for future use.


Multi-Step Editing

Your book will go through a multi-step editing process, during which your book is polished to perfection. Our editors will work with you to retain and enhance your voice.

Award-Winning Layout Design

We pride ourselves in creating award-winning book layout designs of any complexity.

Award-Winning Cover Design

A book cover can make or break your brand. Our design and marketing teams work together to make sure your book cover perfectly reflects your vision, your message, your brand, and your audience preferences.

Publishing and Distribution

We take the stress out of the equation of publishing by communicating with printers, choosing the right distribution channels for your demographic, and making sure the distribution process runs smoothly and is set up for easy management.


Ten years of experience in publishing gives us the chops to promote books in any demographic and genre. Our marketing plans are fully customized to make sure your book reaches its audience.

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We are a book publisher and media company, helping individuals share their ideas with the world.

We are devoted to projects that matter.